WWE 2K22 Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the WWE 2K22 and what we all know so far.

WWE 2K22 Review :

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the WWE 2K22 and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at WWE 2K22, Let’s look at the 5 things before you buy. Number one you are allowed to have custom general managers and be able to customize your rosters so this includes, you can adjust people’s popularity crowd reactions and I believe ratings within the GM mode.

WWE 2K22 Review
WWE 2K22 Review

WWE 2K22 Review: The popular thing is a huge theme because if you’re old head like me and you played smackdown versus raw 2007 in 2008 and even 2006 you’re a member you were not able to customize created superstars popularity. So like if you made a Chris Jericho create created wrestler you were not able to give the man an accurate rating which was super duper annoying.

Now you’ll be able to do that which is awesome for people like me who use these custom wrestlers and the custom GM thing that’s also a huge addition because now you’ll be able to role-play or you’ll be able to just kind of get more immersed if you want to use your own person because now you can use people like Vicky Guerrero as a creative wrestler or Teddy long as another creative wrestler or even John Laurentiis mick foley whoever you want as a creative wrestler and be able to roleplay or just have them in the game as a GM which is pretty fun I don’t know about you but I like.

Number two its something that we thought we were going to be complaining about a lot but turns out it’s very different than what we had first imagined and I’m talking about the roster so people like Keithley people like john Morrison jeff hardy will all make the cut even Samoa joe I believe so there’s a lot of superstars that have already been released or left the company for that will be in the game and will be able to use them which is awesome to me.

It won’t be 2k20 again we’re going to have legends current wrestlers and even wrestlers that are still wrestling but they’re for the other company and we can enjoy this so please don’t complain about the roster this is the best that they could do and I love it.

WWE 2K22 Review :

Number three Graphics and visual, this game’s graphics are amazing I’m so glad I am getting the next-gen version of this game in 4k 60 frames per second. Quality is going to be fun to play it’s going to be fun to see my wrestlers in there.

So I don’t know if you guys are ready but I am ready to indulge in these graphics it really helps the immersion especially when it comes to these entrances when it comes to the gameplay just all-around graphics do matter when it comes to sports games. Now is it 100% of the deal of course not but it is a decent amount of the deal and us having immersion that’s gonna help us out a lot

Number four on the list of good things there will now be eight players online so now if you are a multiplayer head like me you like playing with either your friends now you’ll be able to get eight players going, of course, no cross gen no cross-platform but at least you’ll be able to get eight people online whatever console you’re playing with and you will be able to have some fun now for me this is gonna be a blast I can’t wait because I have a big friend group and so I can only imagine there’s gonna be a lot of chaos and also a little bit of tidbit they have upgraded the gameplay engine and made it more immersive made it blend together well a lot of the animations and a lot of the combat flows very well now and according to every content creator that has gotten their hands on the game they have thoroughly enjoyed the fighting in the gameplay.

Number 5 superstar mode. Basically, this superstar mode allows you to use one or a couple of characters and just switch in between and go through their career playing as them in-universe mode so you only have to deal with their cutscenes their rivalries their experiences, and just keep going all the way through so this is going to be good for content creators who want to do a career simulation or what-ifs or whatever it can all happen in the new superstar mode its a sub-mode.

So it will be in the universe mode but the fact that they took out the time to kind of streamline that and make it an easier experience and more accessible to newcomers it’s going to help a lot, especially for me because I’m really only going to be using a couple a few wrestlers really in my universe mode so it’s going to save me a lot of time.

Overall it’s worth playing and playing with your friends. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy these game details. If you buy this game please consider my below link.

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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the WWE 2K22 and what we all know so far.WWE 2K22 Review | It's worth buying?