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Splatoon 3 Trailer

Welcome to the coming soon this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Splatoon 3 and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Splatoon 3, The first mention of the game was in February of 2021 when Splatoon 3 was announced at a Nintendo direct.

The trailer shows off updated customization options. Which includes two new skin tones, eleven new eye colors, new hairstyles, and legwear. Along with a new little buddy that is called Smallfry that is also customizable. A new city area was revealed along with the new logo.

Splatoon 3
Splatoon 3

Finally, the trailer gives viewers an early look at gameplay which includes new weapons and mechanics, and the returning Turf War mode. The trailer closes out by announcing the game will launch sometime in 2022.

The reception to this trailer was very good, fans were excited about what else this game would add. An official description was given for the title which said, In this new game in the Splatoon series, you’ll leave Inkopolis behind and head to a new region the Splatlands. Its heart is a new city where battle-savvy Inklings and Octolings gather. Splatsville, also known as the City of Chaos.

Splatoon 3 News

Splatoon 3 Gameplay

Splatoon 3 introduces various features to the action-shooter series, including weapons such as the bow-weapon, customization options, and movement abilities to bring the returning 4v4 Turf Wars matches. More information about the full-fledged sequel coming to NintendoSwitch in 2022 will be revealed in the future. Nothing too surprising in this description. A new region makes sense for the series.

The last story I want to mention from this time frame has to do with modifying existing levels. Nintendo is hiring a level designer for Splatoon 3, and one of the tasks the designer is responsible for is for renovating existing stages. Even back in February of 2021 fans had an idea that certain stages would be returning, and speculation was already starting for how the team would justify these changes within the game world. That covers all the relevant news from the reveal. A new game was announced with all-new content and would be released in 2022.

The next news about the title was later in 2021 in September. Nintendo announced the single-player campaign in Splatoon 3 was called Return of the Mammalians.

Splatoon 3 Story-Mode

The trailer like the last one gives more looks at gameplay and weapons in the game. It s what you would expect from a Splatoon 3 trailer but then cuts to a furry Octotrooper. The trailer shows off a lot of different areas, and story elements which I assume will make more sense once the game actually launches. As for confirmed details. The snowy area in the trailer is called Alterna. We know the story will follow our character being recruited by Agent 1 and Agent 2 and their Captain as the new Agent 3. We will then investigate the new mysterious substance called Fuzzy Ink.

Nintendo has also said officially that Smallfry isn’t affected by the FuzzyOoze and can eat the substance, so they might hold the key to the mysteries of Alterna.

Splatoon 3 Location

Some of the locations in the trailer were Eeltail Alley, Museum D Alfonsino, and ScorchGorge. Fans were very happy to see the museum return. The old Inkling in the trailer is Craig Cuttlefish. The community has also started to break down all the new weapons shown off in the trailer.

Splatoon 3 Final Boss

The next news was in the form of another trailer. This time the trailer gave fans a look at the Salmon Run game mode. Which is a co-op mode where players fight against enemies until they make it to the final boss. One boss seen in the trailer is called a fish stick. Another boss is the Flipper-flopper. All of this is done while collecting eggs and tossing them in a cage. A lot of different mechanics and things happening in this trailer.

Splatoon 3 Release Date

when is splatoon 3 coming out

The trailer ends by narrowing down the release window to the Summer of 2022. Which most likely means sometime between the months of June to September.

splatoon 3 pre order

I will say more recently in February pre-orders have opened for Splatoon 3 and most retailers are using a placeholder date of December 31st, 2022. Obviously, this is not the release date. Just a placeholder. The game will still release sometime in the summer months.

Splatoon 3 Weapons

1. Crab Tank

2. Big Bubbler

3. Zipcaster

4. Trizooka

5. Killer Wail 5.1

Crab Tank

Let s closeout by covering some of the gear that has been shown off. The first is the crab tank. Which is a multi-legged vehicle that can attack with a powerful rapid-fire gun and cannon with a wide blast area. It can also turn into a ball to move around faster than crab walking.

Big Bubbler

Next is the Big Bubbler. Which is described as a modified version of a special weapon popular in Inkopolis. By making it fixed the size has been greatly increased.


It turns Inklings into a shadowy warrior called a Zipcaster. With tentacles that stretch out and stick too walls. When the Ink runs out you will be returned to where you first transformed.


Another weapon is the Trizooka which is another modified version of a special weapon from Inkopolis. It fires three blasts at once and can be fired three times in total for each use.

Killer Wail 5.1

Finally, there is the Killer Wail 5.1 which creates six floating megaphones that move autonomously and attack with lasers that chase enemies.

The bow has also been shown off. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this game information. If you want more information please bookmark my website and allow the notification.

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