Rune Factory 5 Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Rune Factory 5 and what we all know so far.

Rune Factory 5 Review :

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Rune Factory 5 and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Rune Factory 5, Rune Factory is a role-play simulation game and it plays a lot more like rune factory frontier than say rune factory four and to some people that may be a bit of a scary thing but it plays like rune factory frontier in a good way don’t have there is you don’t have to worry about the return of a nightmarish Rooney system and when you do the farming part of the game that’s when you get your top-down perspective so you can get better intricacy when you’re going about tending your fields and planting your crops and the whole nine yards.

Rune Factory 5 Review
Rune Factory 5 Review

Rune Factory 5 Review: So you kind of get the best of both worlds for your exploration and fighting things you get to do things in the full 3d display whereas when it comes to your farming you get a nice enjoyable top-down view for all those little intricacies but yeah the farming more or less is well it’s rune factory’s farming it’s it plays the same as rune factory four you have the stack system where you can pick up multiple items and just chuck it across your field into the shipping bin which has always been a favorite feature of mine but a different thing that takes from the story of season series or at least the newer entries is that when you destroy things on the field or go by loot you find out in dungeons it automatically gravitates towards you as opposed to having to pick it up.

Now you can still pick it up if you want to stack things but if it lands on the floor the game will automatically drag it towards you and put it into your inventory, on the one hand, I do like this it makes picking up things a lot easier but there is something addicting about that whole stack and play nature you just keep picking up things over and over and over again and just throwing it as hard as you can but you know I think overall it’s a net positive quality of life feature especially when you have multiple things going all around you like when you’re chopping down a tree stump or breaking up a giant rock all the little pieces just go right into your inventory and there’s no fear of it just like flickering away from having too many on-screen at once.

Let’s talk a bit more about the actual town that we’re in ourselves so as always we are an amnesiac earth mate who has no idea why we’re here or what we’re really supposed to be doing here but we’ve been adopted into a weird little ranger association called seed if you’ve played the legend of hero series they are more or less the bracers guild you go around town solving issues for people and you get rewarded in the process for doing so.

That’s basically how they tie the in-ring factory’s message board system that’s not the right proper name for a town bulletin board there’s the name are they tied into this game to give you purpose as to what you’re doing.

Rune Factory 5 Review: You’re actually a person who’s whose job is to go out and solve issues around town I think that makes a lot more sense and continuities and saying hey you just moved into this town go solve all of our issues now they gave you a job to do that with so now you have a reason to do all of those issues I don’t know it’s a nice little touch to bring it into the main story.

The starting characters you meet in the opening two hours of rune factory five are also really nice I was kind of on the fence about a lot of the characters in-ring factory but honestly, I love everyone I’ve met so far in rune factory 5 there are quite a few bit of characters and honestly, I feel really attached to the people in this town so far.

It’s really good I feel like a lot of the characters writing a lot of the intricacies like how they interact with the town is really nice sure it can sometimes feel a little bit lifeless when you’re walking around sometimes because people seem to be walking too different places with no rhyme or reason, especially in the earlier part of the game where it seems to be not all the facilities in the town are available for you at the start but it the town does feel a bit lived in and everything there is a really good sense of community that’s something I really do appreciate about rune factory games especially ones like the first rune factory while there’s a lot of things I dislike about room factory one I do appreciate the people in the town well felt like townsfolks and now you know why I really dislike green factory too and the final thing I’m here to discuss is the overall dungeons.

Right at the start of the game, there are many different areas you can go to explore around the overworld that is not in town but is warned if you venture off too far you’re gonna get one shot by a lot of enemies in the higher-level areas. When i did go to the actual first dungeon that you’re supposed to go towards appropriate to your level was a pretty good fare it’s your typical grass type dungeon and the environments, in my opinion, look really nice and this going for the dungeon crawling aspect is a lot of fun and the boss in the dungeon isn’t really on one set path there are different paths you can go on to see other cool things around it that don’t really lead to the boss I’m not sure if they lead to anything else later on in the game but it’s like it’s a nice bit of like exploration thing where you can just like you know move on and to try out and look into other things around town.

Rune Factory 5 Review: Those are things I’ve been really liking about rune factory five a lot the farming is great so far the character interactions have been really good so far. I like how things feel like you know part of a giant community the dungeon crawling’s been fun even though I’ve only really done one dungeon and I haven’t really been one shot in and I can’t really discuss things beyond that first dungeon but so far.

In this little confined area for us from a gameplay perspective and from the writing perspective, I’m really enjoying rune factory 5 quite a bit my only concern with rune factory 5 is the consequences of it being a switch title.

Now there are a lot of good games that run on switch perfectly fine as the game is now this is not one of them there are quite a few performance issues the game does struggle to hit 30 frames per second consistently but I’ve been told by my contacts in exceeding there is a day one patch for this game that will prob that will probably get closer to the release that’ll bring it closer in line to the Japanese version of the game which from the last time I played that version didn’t was plagued by as many frame rate issues as the version I’m playing now.

So the version I’m playing now is a pretty choppy mess when it comes to frame rate the game will sometimes stutter and freeze when I leave on certain buildings but I’m going to chalk that up to it just being the pre-release build of the game and when the day one patch is released hopefully it’ll fix up a lot of those issues.

This game will be released on March 22nd, 2022 for Switch. That’s all guy and I hope you enjoy this game review. If you play this game please share your experience below the comment section.

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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Rune Factory 5 and what we all know so far.Rune Factory 5 Review | It's worth buying?