Ghostwire Tokyo Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Ghostwire Tokyo and what we all know so far.

Ghostwire Tokyo Review :

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Ghostwire Tokyo and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Ghostwire Tokyo, Ghostwire is an action RPG game and this game was developed by Tongo Gameworks, Ghostwire Tokyo is not a horror game even though it is spiced up with some horror elements and is made by the developers of the evil within but Ghostwire is more focused on action and open-world exploration.

Ghostwire Tokyo Review
Ghostwire Tokyo Review

Ghostwire Tokyo Review: The game is set in modern-day Tokyo or even a slightly futuristic version of the Japanese city but all of its citizens suddenly disappeared when a mysterious fog started to cover different parts of the city, the only thing left are the people clothes their shopping bags and some mythical creatures to trying to find even more helpless souls for their own evil plan.

Their leader is the mysterious henya who doesn’t give away too much of his plan but for some reason it involves the sister of a guy called Akito and her soul and you as a player take on the role of Akito a young man who survived the fog somehow but is now possessed by the ghost of kk.

KK is a former ghost hunter with magical abilities and luckily he seems to be one of the more friendly ghosts thanks to kk, Akito can also use magic abilities right from the start, and later on a bow that Akito finds with kk’s help and that combination and also the way your magic abilities are working makes Ghostwire look more like a first-person shooter than a magical adventure game.

With his hands Akito makes different signs to generate the powers and then fire it up like a bullet or even like a rocket launcher if you charge the ability for long enough.

All spells are based on elemental powers like fire water and wind, with the wind being a more focused but light attack fire dealing heavy explosive damage and water for damage within a larger area.

All of them can be used up like ammunition or a weapon to fill them up again you need to collect small crystals that are dropped by defeated enemies or that can be found by destroying corrupted objects across the city. Once an enemy is downed, you can grab their cores with a golden robe and pull them out of the ghost’s bodies to finish them.

This does not only look good but also regains your health and ammunition if you want to save a bit on ammo you can also sneak up to the ghosts and perform a stealth attack this will kill them immediately except for very strong opponents.

What also works pretty well for stealth combat is the aforementioned bow as the arrows are pretty silent and don’t alert nearby opponents. In general, all hostile ghosts that can be found in the game differ in their appearance and their combat style.

There are 10 different kinds of enemies waiting for you on the streets of Tokyo and they were all inspired by Japanese myths and legends, there are these faceless ghosts in black suits for example that can deflect your attacks with their umbrellas or the slit mouth women in red dresses that try to attack you with their giant scissors.

Ghostwire Tokyo Review: If you want to learn more about the background of those mythical creatures the game also provides some info in the menu, in addition, to the normal ghosts there will also be 4 bosses to fight but there is no further info about them yet.

Ghostwrie Tokyo is an open-world game where you can freely explore a complete part of the city at least later in the game.

The beginning is a bit more linear because of the silent hill-like fog that is spread across most areas and blocks them to make the fog disappear and open more parts of the map you need to cleanse the so-called torii gates this does not only give you access to new areas, but also a good amount of XP and souls.

These souls of people that couldn’t escape from the fog are very important in the game you receive them for almost everything you do and, in addition, you can collect them in the streets and on rooftops with a paper doll a so-called Katsuhiro sometimes you even have to free them from the hostile invaders these friendly souls are former citizens of Tokyo and once you collected them they can be sent to the outside world at a telephone booth and will recover.

One kid Shiro can only store a limited number of souls before you have to bring them to the phone booth, but you can buy more of them at the merchants.

The city, in general, can be explored on all levels and there is a lot to discover no matter if it is down on the streets upon the roofs or somewhere in between and your magic abilities also help you to move faster and reach all heights you can, for example, use spirits the so-called yokai to pull yourself upwards and then use another one of kk’s abilities to collide from building to building.

This way you can not only find a lot of souls and side quests but also collectibles like short notes or other lore items or stories that are owned by floating cats because it seems like animals were spared by the fog everywhere on the streets you can find dogs or cats that you can feed and pet and that will lead you to different hidden secrets in return, in addition, you have a spectral vision ability that allows you to check your surroundings uncover weak points of enemies or corruptions follow trails of ghosts or even read the thoughts of animals.

With all of your actions collected souls and completed missions you also receive an in-game currency called maker that you can spend on items in stores or on skill points in the menu, with which you upgrade your abilities all of your magical spells, and the bow can be upgraded alongside skills like the aforementioned spectral vision for the abilities you will not increase their damage but their speed and variety instead like firing multiple shots at a time, for example, this will not only make you more efficient against opponents but also makes combat more agile over time same for the bow and for your skills.

Ghostwire Tokyo Review: You can for example extend the range of your vision to find ghosts and objects that are further away from you if you already want to prepare for Ghostwire Tokyo and get a glimpse of the story, especially about the ghost hunter kk and his background you should definitely play the free prelude that can be downloaded in the PlayStation store or on steam and the epic game store if you play on PC.

The game will also have 6 different quality and performance modes that provide different combinations of resolution and frame rate. In the quality mode, for example, the game runs in 4k with full Ray Tracing and HDR but only at 30 fps with the performance mode, on the other hand, you will have 60 fps but with the loss of resolution ray tracing and graphic details, the other 4 modes try to be somewhere in the middle but come with screen tearing and fps drops, in addition, the game supports 3d audio for better immersion and the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the dual sense controller.

It has a playtime of about 30 minutes and is made in the style of a visual novel so you just click through it and read the text and make a few decisions only at the end there’s a bit of a combat scene if you don’t want to play the prelude yourself and just want to watch it you can find a link to a full playthrough in the infobox or at the end of this video.

Ghostwire Tokyo will be released on March 25th for PC and PS5. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this game review. If you want to buy this please considered my link below and comment on your experience.


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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Ghostwire Tokyo and what we all know so far.Ghostwire Tokyo Review | It's worth buying?