Ultra Age PC Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Ultra Age PC review and what we all know so far.

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Ultra Age PC review and what we all know so far.

Today we look at ultra age it’s already available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch but now this will be released on PC. Let’s jump into the story.

Ultra Age PC Review
Ultra Age PC Review

Ultra Age Story

Mainly in the future, after ecosystems have been destroyed and resources drained due to the collapse of fusion power generation, Age, an Orbit member, receives an order to “examine the earth…”.

In 3174, after the Earth’s resources had been depleted and meteors had decimated its ecosystems, humankind was separated into two groups: those who fled the planet and established in the space colony ‘Orbital Arc’ and those who stayed on the Earth’s Shelter facility. When all supplies supplied from Shelter to Orbital Arc are halted, humanity embarks on an experiment to discover the final hope. ‘Age,’ a young sword-wielding warrior, falls from the Orbital Arc to Earth and starts on a quest with his robot ‘Helvis’ to discover the vital key to humanity’s survival.

Ultra Age PC Gameplay / Combat

In a phrase, Ultra Age smells like low-budget jank. Yet, its bad appearance fools you with a  surprisingly competent hack ‘n’ slash that pays homage to its inspirations while also introducing some unique elements of its own. Suppose you’re looking for a game that resembles a spanking new Devil May Cry or whatever Platinum Games used to produce at breakneck speed in the previous generation of gaming. In that case, Ultra Age is an easy choice. Just make sure it’s on silent. That voice acting still irritates me.

Combat is quick and fluid. It allows you to lock onto foes and even employ an energy-based grappling hook to drag an enemy towards you or yourself towards a foe, depending on how many times hit the button. You also have access to a simple yet effective skill tree and specific equitable bonuses. Sparks shoot around when you hit an enemy, and the animations are generally rather impressive. It has a high resolution and a steady framerate, yet it has a simple appearance. The worst aspect of its graphics has to be Age himself, who is uglier than any other character in the game. 

Ultra Age Weapons

The katana is fast and highly preferred when you need to sneak a few quick strikes in short periods while doing a good amount of damage on organic enemies. The claymore does significant damage to most enemies with slow, massive blows. The lightning sword disables shields while stunning enemies after a few successful slashes. The basic sword is an all-around weapon that can get you through most situations if necessary. Each weapon has a similar move set. You string small attacks together and punctuate them with a heavier attack at your discretion, which results in a distinct finish to the combo depending on where you perform it.

Each of Age’s swords has a type of lifespan that demands you to constantly be on the search for corresponding energy to keep them in use. Suppose you use any of them too much and run out of energy for that blade. It will be rendered inoperable until you locate more, which typically won’t take long and encourages you to keep switching things up and becoming acquainted with each weapon. Fortunately, they’re all enjoyable and well-balanced, so you’ll like switching between them anyway. Ultra Age also has the necessary fury mode, which builds over time and can help you dispatch adversaries more efficiently.

Ultra Age PC Graphics / Visuals

Ultra Age implements a gratifying and engaging combat system with unique and exciting bosses to battle. However, offering so many combat concepts with several swords and never applying them during boss bouts is a significant disappointment. Its environments are visually appealing, its opponents are well-animated, and its framerate is consistent. It does, however, appear like a PS3 game at best, and the face animations aren’t up to par. I don’t recall ever hearing a voice acting as amateurishly bad as in Ultra Age. The absence of any voices would have increased the game’s overall quality.

Ultra Age PC Release Date

The PC version of Ultra Age will be available on Steam on April 28th, according to DANGEN Entertainment. The Steam version of Ultra Age will include a lot of enhancements over the previous console release.

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Ultra Age PC Review | It's worth buying?Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Ultra Age PC review and what we all know so far.