Dolmen Game Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Dolmen Game review and what we all know so far.

Dolmen Game Review :

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Dolmen Game review and what we all know so far.

Dolmen Game Review
Dolmen Game Review

Dolmen Game Story

Dolmen is set in a hypothetical universe where humans have established colonies on other planets around the cosmos. They genetically altered humans who are significantly different to survive the hostile surroundings; such progeny are called Xeno species. Drillers Xeno humans were conducting a research and mining operation on the planet Revion Prime when a mercenary hired by Zoan Corp was dispatched to intervene.

The player is the first to arrive on the scene to contain the situation and retrieve Zoan Corp.’s sensitive data and materials. Even though some of the Drillers are still alive, saving them is unnecessary. Zoan Corp has been hiding some horrible secrets and dangerous technology as you progress through the quest. The term “Soulslike,” which describes Fromsoftware’s successful formula for difficult action RPGs, is often bandied about. This tendency isn’t going to cease anytime soon, thanks to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls and Bloodborne series, which have shaped a whole new generation of comparable games.

The Souls series inspire Dolmen despite its term usage. The fun doesn’t hold back when referencing Dark Souls, as evidenced by its “Timeline Erased” death screen and it is difficult-to-master gameplay. FromSoftware’s gothic RPG Bloodborne and many other video games have likewise embraced Dolmen’s Lovecraftian cosmic horror roots.

Dolmen Game Gameplay

Due to the dynamic combat system in Dolmen, players can switch between melee and ranged weapons depending on the situation. The game also has an intriguing energy system that players will need to manage to use ranged moves and imbue melee weapons with elemental status effects, comparable to some aspects in Elden Ring. With a wide variety of armor and weapons to pick from, players may tailor their character and approach to fight to their heart’s content.

Software’s more contextual narrative will be evident in Dolmen’s gameplay, which relies heavily on flashbacks and computer logs to tell its story. The game’s design is a fantastic mix of futuristic sci-fi and adequately eerie atmospheres, creating a great backdrop for the game’s action. Dying causes all the creatures that players have previously defeated to return, and gamers are sent back to the last respawn spot to try again and attempt to reclaim their gear from where they landed, in a move equally reminiscent of a Soulslike title. Megalithic structures utilized in burial ceremonies and as doorways to the afterlife are known by the term ‘Dolmen.’

Dolmen Game Review: On Revion Prime, the red crystal found on the planet was known by the same name. The Drillers have their sights on this gem because of its potential to revolutionize travel utilizing portals. Dolmen is an action role-playing game with Souls-like gameplay, and players must learn how to control their character. At the same time, managing resources such as energy bars, stamina bars, hit points, blocking, dodging, and so on to proceed through the game. The game provides a wide choice of armor and weapons to accommodate various gameplay styles. It is necessary to gather materials found in Revion Prime, combine technologies in multiple designs, and comprehend how each piece of equipment can help your character overcome your adversaries in creating equipment. All enemies are vulnerable to two of the game’s three elements: rock, paper and scissors. 

Dolmen Game Review - Is it worth bu...
Dolmen Game Review - Is it worth buying?

Dolmen Game Weapons, Power ability, Aliens 

If you don’t know how to exploit the weaknesses of fire, cold, and acid in your opponents’ attacks, you may have difficulty taking down bosses and champions. For melee attacks, the character can use energy instead of stamina, a mechanic known as Energy Mode. Spells have an elemental boost when in this electrified state, increasing damage. However, the optimum result is achieved if the weapon has the essential damage bonus to which the enemy is most vulnerable.

Using Dolmen crystals, you can re-challenge monsters numerous times, and you can also set up a multiplayer session to take them down via cooperative play. The difficulty of the combat will rise with each extra player, so each battle will still be a fascinating struggle. Combating with regular adversaries, who will make an effort to thwart your mission, will also be a challenge. The game is separated into three sectors: The Dump, where the primary accident occurred; the Wastelands, where the player will discover the scope of the disaster; and the Old Lab, where players attempt to end the crisis. With danger lurking around every corner, the players will feel as if no one is welcome in the game. Bizarre fungi and organic tissues proliferate everywhere you look while horrible monsters scour the landscape in search of fresh food. The DualSense wireless controller will further enhance immersion in this 12- to 16-hour journey across the Xeno world.

Dolmen Game Graphics & Visuals

When the art team sifted through the books, they found every phobia they could and turned it into a character aiming to kill the protagonist. There’s a lot to choose from here. My Dolmen evaluation is based solely on the PC version and its accompanying options. From resolution to ray tracing, you have a wide range of options, ranging from low to epic. The diverse ecosystems on the planet, from the surface to the deep beneath, all looked fantastic.

Given the futuristic sci-fi environment and the different monsters and the protagonist, it’s even close to realistic. With the level of detail, Dolmen’s sound and music design were top-notch. Many sounds were emanating from various locations in this technologically advanced world. It was more subtle, but it was often as important as the graphical design itself. One word describes the terrifying sounds you’ll hear as you battle through a slew of monsters. Giant bugs and mutant humanoids all have distinctive vocalizations that are often heard before being seen. The sounds of the weapons were also a big part of the experience. The protagonist’s speech sounded stilted and artificial, which didn’t seem to fit the circumstances.

Dolmen Game Release Date

Dolmen, a sci-fi Soulslike game developed by Massive Work Studio, will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on May 20, 2022.

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