Top 10 Best Robots in Video Games


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1. SHODAN (System Shock)

SHODAN (System Shock)

SHODAN is the AI from hell that everyone is obsessed with. She isn’t really a robot, but her mechanical beginnings make her an excellent option for our list.

The events of both System Shock games are promoted by this wicked AI that wishes to spread mayhem and ruin while aspiring to be a type of ultimate monarch. Thankfully, her schemes are foiled both times… yet the finale of System Shock 2 makes it apparent that the struggle against SHODAN is far from ended.

2. Clank (Ratchet and Clank)

Clank (Ratchet and Clank)

In the Ratchet & Clank series, Clank is Ratchet’s best friend. Since their debut in 2002, the two have followed each other on practically every journey. Despite his little stature, Clank has always been a hero.

He first encountered Ratchet when he attempted to warn the world about Chairman Drek’s wicked ambitions. Clank is the more level-headed of the two, frequently discouraging Ratchet from being embroiled in intricate plots.

Best Robots in Video Games: He’s not afraid to take on opponents 10 times his height, but he prefers to utilize his wits and cunning to avoid risky situations. Clank is a delightful character that provides a hearty dose of childhood nostalgia.

3. BT-7274 (Titanfall 2)

BT-7274 (Titanfall 2)

BT-7274, or just BT, is a lovable and honorable robot from the famous video game Titanfall 2. BT, known mostly for his loyalty and determination, is the driving force behind Titanfall 2’s captivating single-player experience.

He appears frequently during the game’s lengthy single-player campaign and quickly becomes a warm and familiar figure on which you’ll learn to rely. Of course, it’s his noble sacrifice at the end of Titanfall 2 that really cemented him as an unforgettable robot.

It’s a heartbreaking scene that will stay with players long after the credits have rolled. BT is by certainly one of the finest video game robots and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

4. Jack (Gears 5)

Jack (Gears 5)

Unfortunately, JACK sacrifices itself during crucial combat against a Kraken. Thankfully, players may still observe and interact with the friendly hovering robot in multiplayer if they like.

JACK may not have been as cute as a Star Wars robot, but many still mourn him. JACK must be ecstatic to be the sole non-human character on this list. When a mechanical character can sacrifice itself and the audience emotionally feels the loss, you know that people cared about it.

5. Pathfinder (Apex Legends)

Pathfinder (Apex Legends)

Pathfinder is also one of the most appealing Legends to play because of his useful ability. It wouldn’t hurt to have this cheery robot on your squad, and hearing his quippy and amusing soundbites as you battle your way to the top never gets old.

Best Robots in Video Games: It’s difficult to find a discussion of the finest video game robots that doesn’t include the fondly friendly and wonderfully likable Pathfinder.

Pathfinder is one of the numerous Legends available in Apex Legends, the popular Battle Royale game. His cheerful demeanour and the bright yellow smiling face plastered on the screen on his chest make him an immensely lovable robot.

6. Claptrap (Borderlands)

Claptrap (Borderlands)

Somehow, a character created to be one of Pandora’s most unpleasant monsters has successfully captivated the hearts of players all across the world. Claptrap, or CL4P-TP if Hyperion is involved, is a little robotic unit that has had more than its fair share of bad luck throughout the Borderlands series.

Claptrap has been beaten, destroyed, reconstructed, and wiped more times than he can remember. While its demeanor may irritate some, Claptrap has become identified with the Borderlands franchise, featuring on the majority of its goods and marketing.

7. BD-1 (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order)


BD-1 is the endearing and caring robot from the critically acclaimed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order adventure game.

Its main purpose appears to be to provide healing stims to the game’s protagonist Cal Kestis whenever he needed them. BD-1 is also one of the game’s numerous comedy relief characters, as well as its charming mascot. BD-1 is remembered for its many heroic achievements and humorous personality.

Cal Kestis only gets it out alive and in one piece owing to the mental and physical support provided by BD-1. It is there for him in difficult times and even attempts to electrocute Darth Vader in order to help its companion.

8. Thunderjaw (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Thunderjaw (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Thunderjaws are fearsome robotic foes in the Horizon franchise, appearing in both Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West.

The Thunderjaw, like the ruthless Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 or the more seductive Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village, can kill you almost instantaneously if you confront it unprepared.

Laying traps, preparing your special munitions, and meticulously following its movements are the best strategies to take down this giant of a robot. However, their menacing presence in the post-apocalyptic world is enough to deter any hunter.

Best Robots in Video Games: Let’s just hope there aren’t any missions dedicated to bringing these things down. That would be absurd.

9. Nick Valentine (Fallout 4)

Nick Valentine (Fallout 4)

Nick Valentine is one of the numerous recruitable friends in Fallout 4 and is well-known for being Diamond City’s best private detective.

He’s an important component of the game’s overall story, with links to both the Institute and a more prominent role in the game’s DLC: Far Away. Nick’s fascinating subplot and general demeanor make him stand out. He personifies the existential aspect of Fallout 4’s environment while also cementing its more sci-fi foundations.

His witty quips and memorable statements make him a remarkable persona as well as an incredibly daring robot.

10. Bastion (Overwatch)

Bastion (Overwatch)

Bastion’s character is unquestionably more developed than the other robots in the Overwatch world. Bastion rejected his deadly programming after becoming aware of his surroundings. Even when reminded of his obligation, he chose the beauty.

Bastion is undoubtedly an intriguing figure. He also has the best avian friend of any robot. Overwatch is teeming with robots, and Bastion isn’t the only one who can be controlled. Bastion stands out from the others on our list because he has the greatest personality and the most fascinating background of the bunch.

Best Robots in Video Games: Bastion was a front-line automaton before being lost in the woods. The killer robot’s programming becomes corrupted over time.

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