8 Best RPGs Mac Owners Can Play and Enjoy


Role-playing games can be an excellent way to enjoy your free time and escape from the problems surrounding you.

As a MacBook user, you might be a bit limited to the available options, but there are still plenty of RPG games to enjoy.

So, why not turn on do not disturb temporarily so you can avoid notifications and other distractions while immersing yourself in the world of a role-playing game? If you are not familiar with the best RPGs Mac has to offer, the list below has you covered.

Best RPG Mac
Best RPG Mac

Diablo 3

The Diablo franchise is a dungeon-crawler-like series of games that you can enjoy even if you are a casual player.

With the upcoming Diablo 4, Diablo 3 is still the go-to option, thanks to its seasonal modes that keep the game fresh and interesting even for veteran players.

There is not that much as far as complicated things go. You select a character and progress through the game while gearing it.

A clear progression system makes the gameplay straightforward. If you are in the mood of a mindless and relaxing monster slaying, then Diablo 3 is an excellent choice.


Bastion is a relatively simple-looking indie game, but there are multiple layers to the story. In a world that has so many mysteries, it is interesting to go through and slowly discover what the secret is.

Do not be put off by Bastion’s graphics. Less than an hour into the game and you should become comfortable with it. And from there, you can enjoy excellent storytelling and narration.


Torchlight is another dungeon crawler. However, it is a bit different from Diablo in the sense that the graphics are not that grim. More animated and brighter visuals might take a while to familiarize yourself with, particularly if you are used to darker graphics.

The story itself is not that exciting, but if you find enjoyment in it, then that is great. Ultimately, the game is about killing monsters and collecting loot to become stronger. 

Once you finish the first Torchlight game, you can play the second installment of the franchise. There is also Torchlight III, but that one is not considered a good addition to the franchise, so you are probably better off sticking to just the first two Torchlight games.

Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin is an RPG that is turn-based, which can be a bit off-putting at first. Many players do not find this type of game interactive enough because they want to experience combat and other actions in real-time.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more chill experience, then turn-based gameplay might be exactly what you are looking for.


Hades is one of the best indie games in recent years. It won multiple awards, and it should not come as a surprise, considering how great the game is.

You play as Zagreus, trying to escape the underworld ruled by your father, Hades. There is a catch, however. The progress system is made in a way that you are forced to die and restart.

Now, you might be thinking that this is a terrible design, but the reality is quite different. Each run and death lets you improve your character and get stronger. Slowly but surely, you are making enough progress in getting to the endgame.

The characters, the storytelling, the writing, the soundtrack, the combat, and the replayability are the biggest advantages of Hades.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a slow burner that excels in role-playing. The game revolves around dialogues rather than combat, which is unconventional in RPGs.

You play as a detective with amnesia who wakes up in a hotel room unaware of what is going on. Making your way through the game lets you uncover what the world is about and what your place in the story is.

Path of Exile

The fans of Path of Exile are eagerly awaiting POE 2, but while they wait, sticking to the first game is still an excellent option.

GGG, the developers, are doing their best to introduce fresh ideas and run new leagues that let players start from scratch, thanks to the economic reset. 

As an RPG game, Path of Exile still has intricate lore that lets players immerse themselves in the world.


Even though Borderlands is a shooter game, it has plenty of RPG elements. For one, you get to choose from one of the many characters and create your own builds.

Enemies drop guns as loot, and there are plenty of ways to optimize your build by progressing through the world.

The missions are also more akin to quests you find in role-playing games. Not to mention that there are DLCs that offer an exact environment one would expect in an RPG without breaking the immersion of what Borderlands is as a franchise.

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