Gloomwood Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Gloomwood review and what we all know so far.

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Gloomwood review and what we all know so far.

Gloomwood Review
Gloomwood Review

Gloomwood Story

In gloomwood story, Gloomwood is a first-person stealth horror game that chronicles your unexplained abduction to a forgotten, twisted Victorian metropolis undergoing a terrifying change. Wield your cane sword and venture into the shadows in search of the enchanted wonder concealed behind the fog.

A complex, hand-crafted metropolis with freeform exploration from soaring roofs to hidden passageways, the routes, and courses you follow are all up to you. A comprehensive stealth and sound system that tracks your light visibility and precisely propagates noise around the globe. Take it easy. Prepare to be heard.

A stealthy cane sword, six-shot revolver, folding shotgun, hand-placed traps, rope-slinging harpoon rifle, and other weapons to match every circumstance. In-depth player interaction, including eavesdropping, peering through door gaps, checking the ammo in your weaponry, and mantling onto ledges.

A horde of horrible dwellers and creatures with keen senses, such as the razor-clawed Crownmen and the terrifying, cadaver-seeking Corpse Duster. Gloomwood is brimming with stuff to pick up, hurl, climb, crush, and utilize to your advantage.

Gloomwood Gameplay

In gloomwood gameplay, Gloomwood is an immersive first-person sim action game. The player is given a lot of flexibility to explore each region and select how to complete tasks. Because the hero is weak, it is typically advantageous to take a cunning approach, but the character is not helpless and can easily defeat foes in open conflicts if necessary. We can’t afford it very often, though, because we don’t locate vast amounts of ammo during the game, thus each bullet is worth the weight in gold. The maps are filled with alternate routes and secret tunnels.

Furthermore, complex AI systems govern the behavior of adversaries and NPCs. As a result, the game reacts to our actions in real-time.

Gloomwood Review: Gloomwood has comprehensive stealth gaming components, such as lurking in the shadows and realistic sound propagation modeling. The game also provides us with a wide range of helpful activities, such as leaning out from behind corners, seeing through door slots, listening in on conversations, and pushing up and down from overhanging objects.

When we decide to battle, we have a cane with a concealed blade, a six-shot revolver, and a rifle with a harpoon at our disposal. We also have a variety of traps at our disposal. Gloomwood only has a single-player mode.

Several difficulty settings have been developed, which differ not only in the number of deadly adversaries but also in the regularity with which ammo can be found and the constraints of the save system.

The game was created in a vintage aesthetic, inspired by PC games from the late 1990s, particularly the first two sections of the Thief cycle.

Gloomwood Quest & Loots

Combat is based on stealth, and one of the first items you uncover is a short stabby sword, which you retrieve from the body of a guard near a sewer entrance. Soon after, you’ll be armed with a shotgun and a pistol loaded with bullets, the majority of which we discovered in drawers or dimly lit areas off the usual route.

Gloomwood Review: The towering environment and historically charged atmosphere reminded me of Dishonored, but there’s also something more raw about Gloomwood, a roughness brought to life by creaking doors and a deep guttural growl that you can hear nearly constantly. The oppressive use of light and black just adds to the mood.

Gloomwood Enemies & Weapons

Gloomwood features the terrain and gotten the hang of the stealth traversal and combat after a number of deaths. Charged strikes are lethal against unprepared foes, so creeping up on your targets is usually advised.

Gloomwood Review: If you get into difficulties, you can go loud with your pistol, however limited ammo means this isn’t the major emphasis of the action. You can crouch, creep, and lean around corners to see what’s next in true immersive sim fashion.

Gloomwood’s arsenal dispels any doubts about the distinction. There are no blackjacks or flash bombs at this casino: Your cane-sword is silent but lethal, and your backup weapons are firearms. They’re not excellent firearms by any means they’re noisy as hell and excruciatingly slow to reload, and ammo is so limited that firing at everyone you see won’t get you very far.

Gloomwood Thiefting Features

Gloomwood is not a Thief. It’s crucial to get it out of the way right away because it looks and feels like Thief at times. The biggest noticeable change, though, is that avoiding violence isn’t as important as it is in the Thief games.

Gloomwood Review: The primary character in Gloomwood isn’t a great thief with a reputation to uphold, but rather an assassin trying to survive—and woe betides anybody who stands in his way. Gloomwood, on the other hand, rings the old-school Thief bell while in full stealth mode.

Gloomwood Graphics & Visuals

The clip appeared at E3 during the PC Gaming event. The beginning of the Gloomwood demo depicts the player character becoming acquainted with their surroundings and skills. The stealth aspect is strongly featured in the video, as are other gameplay elements like as combat and inventory systems.

Gloomwood has a tactile inventory system in which players must rotate goods to fit them and may pull them out into the game area to use against creatures and stuff. Combat sequences featured the usage of a handgun and a sword, both of which look to be last-ditch tools that function best during Gloomwood’s stealth kills. The long-range weaponry’s sluggish reload indicates to a greater focus on avoiding battle and creeping about.

Gloomwood Release & Platforms

Gloomwood, a stealth horror first-person shooter, will be released in Early Access on PC via Steam on September 6, 2022.


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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Gloomwood review and what we all know so far.Gloomwood Review | It's worth buying?