Freedom Planet 2 Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Freedom Planet 2 review and what we all know so far.

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Freedom Planet 2 review and what we all know so far.

Freedom Planet 2 Review
Freedom Planet 2 Review

Freedom Planet 2 Story

Freedom Planet began as a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame before branching out into its own series and universe, developing its own gameplay personality along the way. Platformers with a focus on quick fighting and even faster movement are the mainstays.

Freedom Planet 2 has been under development for quite some time. It was initially shown on Steam Greenlight in 2017 and rapidly established a record for the quickest Greenlit project at the time, but the release date was continually pushed back as the scale of the game increased.

Freedom Planet’s fast-paced platforming is back! Become a full-time cartoon heroine, using powers and gear tailored to your play style to explore Avalice and save its animal inhabitants!

Freedom Planet 2 Gameplay

Freedom Planet 2 Review: Join the Avalice heroes as they tackle their most difficult battle yet! An ancient horror has awakened from the ocean’s depths. Merga, a water dragon from Avalice’s bloodiest conflict, has been liberated from her crystal cage as a result of the Kingdom Stone’s demise. War is looming once more, but this time the heroes are divided.

From the outset, there are four playable characters: Lilac the Dragon (Speed Type), Carol the Wildcat (Brawler Type), Milla the Hound (Explorer Type), and Neera the Frost Knight (Power Type).

In Adventure mode, you can explore the planet of Avalice. Explore a vast globe map full of riches, landmarks, and over 100 distinct animal NPCs to interact with and catalog. you can go right into the action with classic mode. A simplified navigation panel allows you to quickly access stages and other critical elements without having to travel.

In the Battlesphere arena, you can put your fighting skills to the test. Once achieved, the Battlesphere contains a range of challenges involving foes and monsters you’ve already fought, along with entirely new surprises. With the new Guard button, you may deflect opponent assaults. If timing isn’t your thing, an Auto Protect option in the Assist options makes your character guard against strikes automatically if feasible.

A new Revival mechanism allows you to secure victory during close confrontations. It costs a stock, and two more hits will knock you unconscious again. Customize your heroine’s power using potions. Collect and combine a rainbow of materials to increase her vitality in many ways, such as boosting her stock count, shield durability, attack strength, speed, and so on.

With a plethora of equippable objects, you may change the rules. Amulets and Charms provide beneficial benefits, but Brave Stones make fighting more difficult in return for additional crystals.

Freedom Planet 2 Characters

Freedom Planet 2 Review: Character designs have changed in Freedom Planet 2. The characters in the original game, while distinct, are nonetheless somewhat Sonic-like due to the game’s roots as a fangame.

The sequel adopts its own aesthetic, employing higher-resolution sprites to produce more complex characters and distinguishing itself from its predecessor’s primarily Genesis-inspired look. The Unity technology, which enables additional features like as dynamic zoom, gives the game even more of its own personality, solidifying Freedom Planet 2 as a modernized, enhanced take on the original’s principles.

Characters from Freedom Planet have featured as crossovers in other indie games; primary character Sash Lilac has been in various games including A Hat in Time, Runbow, and Indie Pogo, all of which have managed to extend outside their respective games and may continue to do so in the future.

Freedom Planet 2 Stages

There will be 24 stages in Freedom Planet 2. Unlike its predecessor, each stage is now one large space rather than being separated into various regions and two acts. While each level will feature an end-boss fight, some will also include a mid-boss encounter.

Along with the main stages, there are optional instructional levels where players may learn the fundamentals and become acquainted with each character’s unique powers.

Milla’s first stage in Freedom Planet is Aqua Tunnel. It is the major water supply and sewage system that flows beneath Shang Tu’s Royal Palace.

Dragon Valley is Lilac and Carol’s first stage in Freedom Planet. It is a hilly valley covered in deep forest that is part of the Valley Region and also the location of Lilac’s Treehouse.

The second stage of Freedom Planet is Relic Maze. It is the remnants of an old temple in the Valley Region, close to Shang Tu. The Kingdom Stone is housed here within a shrine, guarded by a guardian.

The fifth level of Freedom Planet is Jade Creek. It is a temperate brook surrounded by dense bamboo trees on the outskirts of Shang Tu.

The eighth stage of Freedom Planet is Battle Glacier. It is a hilly tundra located north of Shuigang, as well as the crash site of the Dreadnought and the warship’s refueling station.

Thermal Base is Lilac’s sixth stage in Freedom Planet, and Carol and Milla’s seventh. It is a distant outpost on the outskirts of Jade Creek that Lord Brevon and his men use.

The third stage of Freedom Planet 2 is the Avian Museum, which is located in Shang Tu and is anticipated to be on all types of avian life as well as prehistoric life. It was also Pangu’s home after the events of Freedom Planet, until it was hijacked by Corazon Tea.

In addition to the usual action stages, Freedom Planet 2 will have HUB Areas where the player may interact with numerous NPCs and visit several different businesses providing various things and collectibles.

Freedom Planet 2 Boss Fight

Freedom Planet 2 Review: The boss fights are also shown briefly, and we can see how the techniques for defeating the bosses range from fast-paced and frenetic to methodical and tactical. Near the end of the trailer, we see four of the new game types made available via the Battlesphere, a supplementary option in addition to the story and arcade modes.

Players will be able to participate in Arena Battles, Boss Battles, a Home Run mode, and a Race in the Battlesphere. We get a glimpse of how these challenge maps will provide players with a range of reflex-style difficulties to accomplish.

In the Arena Battle mode, you must compete against a slew of opponents in a derby, whilst the Home Run game requires you to hit a home run.

Freedom Planet 2 Graphics and Visuals

Freedom Planet 2 Review: With higher-resolution visuals and expanded gameplay, Freedom Planet 2 aims to build a more unique personality for the brand. From the first game, Lilac, Carol, Milla, and Neera return as playable characters with different personalities.

The game will reportedly include a surprising amount of plot for a platformer, but if you don’t care about any of that, there will be an option to remove any cinematics. That game was greatly influenced by Sega Genesis platformers and is maybe the most Sonic the Hedgehog-like thing that isn’t Sonic the Hedgehog.

Freedom Planet 2 Release date and Platforms

On September 13, 2022, Freedom Planet 2 will be released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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Freedom Planet 2 Review | It's worth buying?Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Freedom Planet 2 review and what we all know so far.