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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Isonzo review and what we all know so far.

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Isonzo review and what we all know so far.

Isonzo Review
Isonzo Review


Isonzo is planned to take place on the Italian Front during World War II. The game, like its predecessors, will be very realistic and detailed, based on an extensive study of the time.

According to M2H co-founder Matt Hergaarden, “The Italian Front provided the ideal chance for us to raise the WW1 Game Series, both figuratively and practically.” According to Hergaarden, the new mountain-based gameplay in Isonzo should enable the franchise to experiment with new game elements.

It will also allow the developers to introduce the Italian army, which has not before appeared in the game and pit them against the Austro-Hungarian force. World War I spreads to the mountains of the Italian Front, which are both beautiful and terrible.

Isonzo improves the World War I game series by being inspired by the two-year fight for control of the Isonzo river valley and the Alps during World War One.

Isonzo Gameplay

Isonzo Review: The new Offensive game mode immerses you in crucial historical offensives on the Italian Front. Cut routes through barbed wire, flank your enemy by following mountain trails, or man a mortar to blow a way through as you lead the attack over breathtaking Italian landscapes. Lay sandbags and wire, place ammunition boxes, install trench periscopes or sniper shields, and more to create a dynamic battlefield.

From the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo to the Straf expedition, take part in historical offensives. As the attacker’s approach, the warfare will move across drastically varied environments within a single operation, from hillside fortifications to mountain trenches to ferocious urban action on city streets, mirroring the actual conflicts.

Everything, from the sound effects and outfits to the houses, vineyards, and trenches you’ll be battling over, is based on study and field excursions. Call in reinforcements using a one-of-a-kind historically realistic flare system: flare guns can designate targets for artillery or biplane flybys, or different colored flares can be utilized to direct your squad. After the huge weapons have done their work, finish the job at close range with an Arditi dagger or mountaineer’s pickaxe.

For more direct fire support, man-heavy machine guns, mortars, and even mountain artillery. Choose from six classes based on historical combat roles, then design your loadout from a choice of weapons, equipment, and perks associated with that class, providing freedom and diversity while being grounded in what genuine troops would have carried.

You’ll be using wire cutters, bandaging yourself and injured colleagues, and blowing the attack whistle. A single shot may kill, and even minor injuries can cause rapid bleeding.

Isonzo Missions

Isonzo Review: The next chapter in the WW1 series, inspired by the real-life two-year war for the Isonzo river, contains a range of maps that take the action down into rocky valleys, charming cities, and even the gorgeous Alps of Northeast Italy, where some new gameplay elements will be introduced.

Northern Italy’s magnificent terrain presents incredibly unique battlefields with a lot of variation – fighting uphill to assault a bunker on the hillside is quite different from fighting through devastated cities or attempting to ford a river under fire.

Isonzo Review: For those unfamiliar, the WW1 game series immerses players in strategic squad-based gunfights inspired by conflicts from World War I. WW1 Verdun launched the series in 2015 with close-quarters trench warfare on the Eastern Front, WW1 Tannenberg followed with larger-scale maneuver warfare in Russia, and now WW1 Isonzo will investigate the conflict between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

To survive this high-altitude conflict, carefully select your duty and loadout—play a sniper to pick off enemy engineers before they can break your wire, use rifle grenades to clear hostile machine guns, and much more.

Isonzo Character Customization

Isonzo Review: We’re releasing a new and robust character customization system for Isonzo. Whereas in earlier titles, your uniform and look were determined by squad type and rank, in Isonzo, the uniform is determined first and foremost by player class and the player themselves! As with Verdun and Tannenberg, the emphasis is on historical accuracy and a realistic picture of the forces encountered on the front.

1. Uniforms

After you’ve chosen a class type, you’ll be able to pick a uniform variation for that class. These classes’ outfits are based on the unit and historical variants of these units as they may have appeared on the Italian front.

2. Headgear

Keeping historical authenticity in mind, you can pick headgear from a variety of objects suited for the outfit + class type you’ve chosen. For example, the Alpini “Capello” cap versions are only accessible to Italian Mountaineer class “Alpini,” officer caps are only available to officers, and so on.

3. Faces

Character faces are another something the player may now pick. We have a good selection, and we’ve worked hard to emphasize any slight variations you might see in troops from either side – for example, the Italian faction faces will typically have a more Mediterranean aspect in terms of skin tone and darker hair color.

4. Face Accessories

Along with the ability to change faces, uniforms, headgear, and facial hair, players may also select from a large selection of facial accouterments to give even more individuality. This collection includes historically styled eyewear, tobacco accessories, and bandages. Wear spectacles like the pince-nez type, which was worn by many renowned personalities at the turn of the century.

5. The Military Barracks

The barracks, which can be accessed from the main menu, is where you may prepare for combat! You’ll be able to examine all of the various uniform kinds and variants for each class of soldier for each nation, as well as customize the choices as mentioned above.

Isonzo Weapons and Customization

Isonzo Review: There will be new firearms as well as some classics returning. We’re extremely pleased to bring the armaments of the Italian army to life which will include a variety of military combat Weapons from pistols, sniper rifles, and melee weapons to mortars and heavy machine guns. We’re going to show you four weapons today.

1. 1915 Beretta

This pistol was Beretta’s first semi-automatic, and the design is broadly similar to modern versions such as the Beretta M9 used by the US Army.

When the Royal Italian Army entered WWI in May 1915, it desperately needed more pistols, and the Beretta 1915 was adopted by the Italians the moment the design was patented in June 1915. Approximately 15,000 were made during the war, with an additional 56,000 of an improved 1917 variant created.

2. Model 1898 by Rast & Gasser

The Rast & Gasser Model 1898 was an Austro-Hungarian military revolver manufactured in Vienna by an Austrian manufacturer. It was a well-made and dependable pistol, although several of the design decisions were already out of date when the rifle was initially manufactured.

3. Model 1914 Fiat-Revelli

During WWI, this was the basic machine gun of the Italian Army, with a handful surviving to see service in WW2. It wasn’t the greatest heavy machine gun ever created. The magazine could contain 50-100 shots, however it did so through a series of compartments, each holding one five-round rifle clip.

4. Villar Perosa
The Villar Perosa began life as an air-to-air weapon to be operated by observers or other secondary crew in aircraft. The fast rate of fire and twin barrel configuration are a direct outcome of its initial purpose, which was built for frantic aerial battle when you may only have a few seconds to pump as much lead into your target as possible.

Isonzo Graphics & Visuals

Isonzo Review: Isonzo’s visuals are of good quality, but the game’s finest feature is its devotion to historical accuracy. Not only were weaponry and uniforms of soldiers from both sides of the fight provided, but so were battlefields fashioned after actual locations.

Isonzo will take a background on the Italian War Front during World War I. Because this game is a continuation of Verdun and Tannenberg, World War 1 Isonzo will undoubtedly include realistic and detailed visuals.

Isonzo Release date & Platforms

On September 13, 2022, Isonzo will be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.


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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Isonzo review and what we all know so far.Isonzo Review | It's worth buying?