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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Soulstice review and what we all know so far.

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Soulstice review and what we all know so far.

Soulstice Review
Soulstice Review

Soulstice Story

Soulstice’s beautiful, the fantasy-inspired universe will take players to areas full of peril and beauty. Briar and Lute will have a near-endless assortment of stylish and imaginative methods to eliminate their adversaries as they explore a city in ruin thanks to a dynamic, combo-based combat system supported by a plethora of weaponry and customization possibilities.

However, as the couple battles to reach the Tear in the Sky above Ilden, their obstacles will get more difficult, and their surroundings will become more hostile and twisted.

Explore a dark world full of hidden mysteries, master a diversified fighting system, and inhabit the dual forces of two sisters in this coming-of-age dark fantasy adventure filled with fast-paced action, deadly adversaries, and magnificent boss fights.

Soulstice Gameplay

Soulstice Review: The plot revolves around sisters Briar and Lute, who each have their own set of special abilities. Only with the use of Briar’s great strength and Lute’s supernatural talents will the two be able to regain Ilden. Briar and Lute are chimeras, or hybrid fighters created via the marriage of two souls.

They are the only beings capable of opposing the wraiths. Briar obtained superhuman skills after the two sisters were transformed into chimeras, but Lute was sacrificed to become her shade, a ghost with supernatural powers.

When the city of Ilden is overrun by wraiths, the two sisters are dispatched on a journey to save it. Briar and Lute will have a limitless assortment of tactics to take down foes as they explore Ilden, thanks to Soulstice’s sophisticated combat system with lethal combos, many weapons, and a zoo of customization possibilities.

Briar and Lute uncover the truth about themselves and their Chimera abilities while working together and remaining faithful to their unbreakable relationship in a tragic narrative packed with sisterly love and sacrifice.

Soulstice Cast

Briar, the duo’s aloof powerhouse, is fighting to suppress the Corruption within her. Lute, on the other hand, sacrificed her body and linked her soul to her sister as a Shade. Lute, capable of sense changes in the Veil and delivering assistance in a variety of ways, carries her own emotional baggage.

There’s also the Observer, Layton, a mystery individual serving the Order who sells goods and may increase both sisters’ powers. He is arrogant at times, irritated at others, and cryptic at other times as he gives commands and remarks on the situation. Other individuals appear throughout the novel, including Donovan, a formidable Chimera who does not fight with his Shade.

Soulstice Weapons Ability

Soulstice Review: Weapons are obtained and upgraded as the game progresses, and they may even be swapped on the fly to unleash stylish and devastating combination strikes. Along with the Stinger-like Piercing Lunge for the Ashen Vindicator, there is the Arching Onslaught for the Ashen Enforcer, which is a charged move for knocking back adversaries.

You can also use the Enforcer to launch enemies and crush them back down. It’s all quite simple, although Synergy Attacks and switching to a new weapon ability at the conclusion of a combination add some diversity.

Soulstice Lute’s Upgrades

Soulstice features many currencies that may be used to boost Lute’s powers, while Lute has a skill tree system that can improve her talents in a variety of ways. You might get the power to disrupt tougher opponents, lower Entropy while slaughtering adversaries while a field is active, and unleash an explosive blast when supercharged, among other things.

Best of all, talents may be respected if you wish to experiment with alternative options.

Soulstice Enemy Types and Boss

Beyond the Veil, a terrible brew of Wraiths, Corrupted and Possessed, has flowed into the earth. Use Lute’s distinctive auras to reveal or weaken these creatures, and adapt to a fight flow that is never the same.

There are numerous enemies in Soulstice, and each encounter offers something new to the players, who will have lots of strategic alternatives to select from when fighting beings from beyond the veil. Among the most significant influences are Berserk, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Claymore, Dark Souls, and many more.

The Spawn of Chaos is a cunning group, hurling anything from fodder to strong Wraiths and Possessed at the sisters in large numbers. Things begin innocently enough with Corrupted people, but spear-wielding and armored heavy-sword users soon join the conflict. You’ll eventually come up against Wraiths, which can only be harmed inside an Evocation Field.

The Possessed are fast-moving Slashers that require a Banishment Field to deliver damage. We won’t reveal any of the boss fights, but one of them is Possessed with various phases and mechanics that are difficult yet enjoyable to fight through.

Soulstice Difficulty Options

Soulstice Review: Soulstice offers five levels of difficulty: Human, Initiate, Knight, Chimera, and Transcended. Human is the most straightforward and suited for those who simply want to enjoy the tale, whereas Initiate is a more balanced experience that still offers a reasonable challenge. Knight is where things become dicey, while Chimera and Transcended are the two most difficult and must be unlocked.

Each difficulty may be experienced independently thanks to Chapter Selection though save data for the current chapter is wiped. Aside from a few critical concepts like as Rapture, character advancement and cash are similar across all levels. It’s ideal for individuals looking for a more difficult task to unleash all of their powers on right away.

Soulstice Graphics & Visuals

The action in Soulstice is simple, yet it feels novel since players control two characters at the same time. The game also has a distinct combination of western fantasy with Japanese charm, which is uncommon for developers outside of Japan.

If you want to push the settings and resolution, you’ll need a good CPU and GPU combo. A consistent and better framerate is vital for Hack and Slash titles, hence this should be prioritised. For higher settings, you’ll need a GTX 1080 coupled with a Ryzen S 2600.

Soulstice Release date & Platforms

Soulstice will be released on September 20th on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC through Steam.


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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Soulstice review and what we all know so far.Soulstice Review | It's worth buying?