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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Prodeus review and what we all know so far.

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Prodeus review and what we all know so far.

Prodeus Review
Prodeus Review

Prodeus Story

Prodeus is an old-school first-person shooter reimagined using new graphics methods and technologies. Experience the quality of a current AAA game with antiquated looks and gameplay that allude to the technological limitations of older systems.

The game includes a hand-crafted story created by industry first-person shooter veterans, co-op and competitive multiplayer modes based on classic formats, a fully integrated level editor, and a built-in community map browser for the quick action and practically endless levels to play. Prepare to paint the walls crimson.

The Boomer Shooter you’ve been looking for has arrived. In addition to the story, players will be able to enjoy multiplayer as well as custom maps and levels generated by the community, giving it some durability.

Prodeus Gameplay

Prodeus Review: This is another retro-inspired FPS that bears striking similarities to id Software’s 1993 blockbuster Doom. In fact, this year’s Realms Deep Livestream dubbed Prodeus “Modern Doom.”

When it comes to level design clichés, monster designs, or even its arsenal, the game isn’t aiming to reinvent the wheel. Shooters from the past and present meet in graphics that blend high-quality 3D technology with nostalgic imagery.

As you battle the Prodeans and the forces of Chaos, you will be bombarded by over-the-top explosions of lo-fi pixels and hi-tech particle effects. Prepare for endless rapid and intense action. Blast and flame your way through swarms of chaos-spawned monsters with a vintage array of over-the-top weaponry.

Splatter your foes’ blood on the steel walls and strange hallways. Prodeus brilliantly twisted dismemberment mechanism cranks up the nasty delights of the elder shooters to 11. Prodeus is fantastic when it comes to weapon feel and mobility.

Again, it’s way too early to say how important this will be to the experience, although repeat playthroughs appear to be faster if you know where to go and which stages to attack.

Prodeus Weapons and Location

In its early stages, weapon selection also feels primarily like personal taste. There are a few adversaries who are more vulnerable to the shotgun or minigun, but you can usually choose the gun with the greatest ammunition.

The theming and adversaries are right out of Doom’s playbook, while the pace is more in line with Quake. Then there’s the overworld map, where you’ll primarily be moving in a straight route to gather runes in each level, but some other paths allow you to go on challenge maps or acquire runes from more difficult levels.

Prodeus Enemies

Prodeus Review: The enemies generally adhere to the Doom blueprint. Imps, zombie soldiers, shotgun people, pinky demons, and other characters have stand-ins. Blood pours from adversaries in red fountains the size of a football field.


Zombies appear as creatures in Prodeus. They were once humans, but the Chaos Creatures corrupted them and forced them to battle together. They oppose Pro Chaos and Prodeans.


Chaos is one of Prodeus’ two antagonistic groups. The powers of Chaos devastate this earthly dimension as Prodeus seeks blood and bone for perfect order. Chaos is fighting alongside the Zombies. Some Chaos opponents, most notably the Harbinger, may be transformed into Pro Chaos.

Pro Chaos

Pro Chaos are former Chaos creatures who have been altered by the Harbinger and may battle alongside Prodeans while remaining unseen. They may be distinguished from their basic forms by their luminous blue skin, as well as the fact that they have more health and move quicker than their base counterparts.


Other than Chaos, Prodeus is the adversary faction of Prodeus. For complete order, Prodeus craves flesh and bone. They have the ability to transform some Chaos adversaries into Pro Chaos allies that fight with them. Prodeans have the ability to make themselves invisible.

Enemies’ limbs are likewise in a shaky relationship, coming apart when you shot them in some amazingly layered sprite work.

Prodeus Game Pass and Multiplayer

Prodeus will be released from early access and will be accessible for download on all major platforms and PC.

It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass to all users who presently have an active subscription. A game preview is still available to download on Game Pass, but it won’t be long before the full version is accessible.

Join forces and compete in a variety of multiplayer scenarios. Take on the narrative in a four-player co-op, then join the conflict in 16-player Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, and other modes then take things to the next level by developing and sharing custom game variations.

Prodeus Graphics & Visuals

Prodeus Review: Prodeus contains specific animations, sound effects, and enemy patterns that support prioritizing targets versus simply blasting at the first object that comes into view.

It feels tactical, as should classic shooters. It employs pixelated imagery combined with 3D geometry to give the game a distinct appearance and feel. There is particularly enthused about a new take on classic arena multiplayer, although everything looks really polished.

The pixelated design works well with the 3D models, and the gunplay is appropriately hefty. The end result is a seductive blend of dense, gritty pixels and dynamic, high-contrast landscapes. Lights flash, explosions erupt, and blood from slain demons glistens on your helmet’s faceplate.

Prodeus Release date and Platforms

On September 23, Prodeus will depart Early Access and become available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC through Steam.


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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Prodeus review and what we all know so far.Prodeus Review | It's worth buying?