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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Dual Universe review and what we all know so far.

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Dual Universe review and what we all know so far.

Dual Universe Review
Dual Universe Review

Dual Universe

Dual Universe is a first-person space simulation sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game in development by Novaquark, a Paris-based game development firm.

It is said to be a hybrid of Eve Online and Star Citizen, as well as Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, and Space Engineers. The game is situated in a single-shard universe in which users may freely customize the environment by building structures and altering topography, as well as programming the components within vehicles and other player-built things.

Allowing for communal social gameplay comprising exploration, mining, crafting, trading, politics, and warfare is also emphasized.

Dual Universe Gameplay

Dual Universe Review: Players in Dual Universe are situated in a continuous single-shard universe, allowing them to freely alter the environment and create matter the way they choose.

The presentation showcased space stations and massive spacecraft custom-built by players, and Baillie noted that not only are such constructions craftable, but users can create blueprints and sell them to other players who want to manufacture them as well, using in-game cash.

The presentation also included a quick peek at Dual Universe’s PvP mode, as well as ways for healing structural damage. Customization in Dual Universe has gotten so detailed that players have created playable mini-games within their constructions, such as interactable pool tables.

Dual Universe Combat

Combat in Dual Universe is more on strategies than reflexes since construct and player combat is based on a tab-targeting mechanism rather than an action mechanic.

In the dual Universe, Player combat can occur everywhere in the game universe except in the safe zone or bubble encircling the planets of Alioth, Thades, and Madis, or within the atmospheric bubble of planetary bodies. To maximize technological resources, fighting will use the typical tab-targeting technique prevalent in most MMOs, with damage and hit chance decided by stats rather than the aim.

Construct combat necessitates that players man weapon elements on constructions. Players can lock on and fire at targets by orienting the ship to face the target or by rotating a single turret.

Dual Universe Buildings

Dual Universe Review: The utilization of raw materials to make a structure, such as a spacecraft hull, dwelling, outpost, or space station. Building a construct necessitates using a Core Unit, which is required to produce a building zone in which you may alter a construct.

Within a constructing zone, a unique jetpack mode is activated, allowing the player to precisely manipulate their location to access all regions of the structure. Construct details may be freely changed down to a scale of 25 cm.

Dual Universe Weapons

The dual world will have a vast range of weaponry, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Weapons are classified into four types:

  • Cannons: Mid to close-range weaponry with a moderate firing angle, a rapid rate of fire, and a limited capacity.
  • Missiles: Close-range burst weapons with a high shooting angle, great damage, a large capacity, and a long reload time.
  • Lasers: The most forgiving of the four weapon categories, lasers have a medium range. They feature a medium carrying capacity, a medium firing angle, and a medium damage output.
  • Railguns: long-range sniper weapons. They have the most damage, the smallest firing angle, the largest magazine volume, and the highest capacity of any weapon.
  • Stasis: Decreases target speed by 5 Sec.

Dual Universe Crating Resource

Crafting is the process of refining resources into materials or materials into components using the character crafting menu, which is accessible to all players in the game.

All players may access the crafting menu from any time in the game including build mode, and they can use it to make materials and elements as long as they have the necessary ingredients in their nano pack.

As such, crafting is the most fundamental item generation procedure, yet it is also the most time-consuming because it cannot be mechanized.

Dual Universe Inventory Items

Dual Universe Review: In Dual Universe, an “Item” is anything that may be carried by a character or placed in a container. Iron ore, which is a resource, and an engine, which is an element, are both considered things since they may be carried in the player’s personal inventory.

Constructs, on the other hand, are not things because they cannot be carried in the player’s personal inventory. Quanta is not an object either, because it is all digitally kept in the wallets of characters and organizations and is inaccessible to any other character.

Dual Universe Graphics and Visuals

With the improvement of our water VFX, living beneath the water in the Dual Universe can become more meaningful.

We hope you like the way water appears in Dual Universe today, whether you want a sub-aquatic factory, to loop your racetrack below the water line, or just to have an indoor pool. White streaks are common in space games; they indicate that we’re traveling quickly! However, with the graphical enhancements to our warp travel, we think you’ll appreciate the feeling of spending a warp cell or two traveling Helios.

The ability to view your blueprints represented in-game before putting them, as well as fine-tune their location using keyboard keys, will increase our players’ quality of life when deploying structures.

Dual Universe Release date and Platforms

Dual Universe will be released on PC on September 27, 2022.


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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Dual Universe review and what we all know so far.Dual Universe Review | It's worth buying?