Gunfire Reborn Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Gunfire Reborn review and what we all know so far.

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Gunfire Reborn review and what we all know so far.

Gunfire Reborn Review
Gunfire Reborn Review

Gunfire Reborn Story

Gunfire Reborn is a level-based adventure game with FPS, rogue-lite, and RPG components. Players take control of diverse characters, each with their own set of powers, as they go through random stages and collect randomly dropped weapons.

Gunfire Reborn can be played solo and also with up to three additional players. Every level is unique, and each restart is an entirely different experience. Throughout the game’s many levels, you will meet new heroes and encounter new weapons, equipment, checkpoints, and combat patterns.

Through a succession of dynamically generated stages, they can battle foes, collect weapons, and level up their powers. Though the game appears easy at first glance, there is a lot of depth to the builds and strategies available to players.

Gunfire Reborn Gameplay

Gunfire Reborn Review: Gunfire Reborn Mobile mixes aspects of FPS and RPG games with rogue-lite features to provide players with plenty of exhilarating action in a low-poly basic graphic style.

Different heroes have unique skills that players can experiment with, as well as random weapons and stuff scattered around procedurally generated levels. To enjoy the experience, players can go at it alone or with up to three other online companions. Levels are generated at random and are very nicely crafted, with an exotic design that runs throughout the environment.

Every stage contains wall fissures or secrets that require special abilities to access, as well as breakable artifacts such as urns scattered across the level that drop treasure such as grenades and cash.

Throughout the game’s levels, you will come across chests that will give you “goblets” that will allow you to choose between three skills to upgrade to the maximum level of three – level three ascensions have powerful additional effects and matching Ascension, Occult Scrolls, and weapons will help you go further.

You can enhance your smoke grenades, and foes impacted by them will receive a debuff for a short time, increasing the overall damage your hero can deal. There are also shrines where you can pray for power, prosperity, and other things.

Gunfire Reborn New Characters and Abilities

Players in Gunfire Reborn are charged with clearing stages by battling hordes of enemy entities either alone or with a group of allies. While there are numerous weapons to pick from in the game, there are only six playable heroes.

Ao Bai is one of Gunfire Reborn’s tankiest characters, which means she can take a lot of damage without dying. Lei Lou’s Fatal Current and Chain Lightning are two powerful AOE abilities that can wreak devastation on hordes of opponents, making them perfect mob clearer.

Qian Sui is the best close-quarter hero in Gunfire Reborn for players who prefer getting up and personal with their adversaries. Crown Price was the first playable hero offered for Gunfire Reborn and remains a popular choice among players.

Qing Yan is the only playable hero in Gunfire Reborn who does not have Shield but instead Armor, which does not require recharging. Tao is the finest hero in Gunfire Reborn, and her Resilient Shield Talent reduces her Shield Recovery Rate with each enemy loss.


There are six heroes to pick from, each with their own set of powers and all of which are animal-like, which is a lovely touch! All heroes except the first are locked behind various progression points, so it will take some time and many runs to unlock them all, but it’s something you’d be happy to do because each hero feels different because they have different starting abilities, etc.

For example, the hero you start with can “freeze” enemies in place, whereas the second can dual-wield weapons.

Gunfire Reborn Battle Epic Bosses

Gunfire Reborn Review: Bosses are one-of-a-kind foes who come at the end of each act. In comparison to other foes, they have extraordinarily high Health, Shields, and Armor, as well as unique attacks.

Bosses will always drop two weapons, one legendary occult scroll, and a Goblet, as well as a tremendous amount of Soul Essence, upon death. Pole Monarch is Gunfire Reborn’s fourth and final boss. Once Yoruhime-Maru has been vanquished at least once on a previous run, the player can fight Pole Monarch at Jade Summit at the end of the Hyperborean Jokul.

The third alternate boss in Gunfire Reborn is the Abyssal Serpent. Once Yoruhime-Maru has been defeated three times, the player can fight Abyssal Serpent in Dinghai Bay at the end of the Duo Fjord. Yoruhime-Maru is Gunfire Reborn’s third boss. Yoruhime-Maru awaits the player at the end of the Duo Fjord in Dinghai Bay.

Gunfire Reborn New Weapons

Weapons can be obtained through defeating foes, completing Vault.png Vaults, opening strange boxes, or purchasing them from a Peddler.

Each weapon type has its own set of characteristics that influence its damage output and usage. Some of these features are visible when inspecting a weapon, while others are only shown in the arsenal from the main menu.

Each weapon will have randomized Inscriptions that change its performance and makes it distinctive. For each Critical Hit, players will receive one copper. That may not seem like much, but it builds up quickly, especially if players focus on it during a run.

Gunfire Reborn Locations

Gunfire Reborn Review: The Exploration Talent is one of the most affordable in the game, requiring only 5 Soul Essence to purchase. This is one of the first talents you should buy because it allows you to open and explore Vaults in later playthroughs.

Vaults are secret spaces behind cracked, purple-glow walls. There are several treasures and challenges with high prizes within these Vaults that can significantly improve your Soul Essence revenue. To enter, simply shoot at the cracked wall to open the gateway that leads inside.

Gunfire Reborn Multiplayer

Multiplayer lets you play with up to three other people in the same run, allowing you to work together to complete the acts. Beginning runs with other players introduces numerous changes to the game, many of which are not present when playing alone.

To begin a multiplayer run, launch a new adventure from the main menu and enter a lobby. Other players can be invited to the lobby in which you are currently playing, or you can join a lobby in which other players are already playing.

Enabling matchmaking will automatically place you in the most viable lobby or allow other players to join you.

Gunfire Reborn Graphics and Visuals

The graphics are quite charming and cutesy, particularly the heroes and, if I may say so, remind me of Borderlands in a low-poly-cell-shaded version.

The animation and player movement is excellent, and you truly feel accomplished after completing a particularly difficult room clearance! The music and sound are quite ordinary, and they fade into the background as you fight your adversaries.

We tried the game with a keyboard/mouse combo and believe it is the best way to experience it, as there is partial controller support for controller enthusiasts, which we do not believe will do the game justice. The controls are straightforward but extremely responsive.

Gunfire Reborn Release date and Platforms

Gunfire Reborn will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 27, 2022. And also available on steam.

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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Gunfire Reborn review and what we all know so far.Gunfire Reborn Review | It's worth buying?