Roccat Kone XP Air Review | It’s worth buying?


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Roccat Kone XP Air Review
Roccat Kone XP Air Review


The Cone XP Air represents the pinnacle of performance for a long line of successful cone gaming mice. Combining the ergonomics and lightweight of the Cone Pro with the functionality and style of the Cone Aim, the XP quickly became the mouse to have if you played a wide variety of games.

Now, with the XP Air, Roccat has taken that idea and pushed its functionality even further with its wireless capabilities and through my testing over the past month, I never once had an issue with the Bluetooth or wireless dongle connections.

However, with Roccat taking preorders right now for $170, is it possible that it’s been pushed too far?


First and foremost is how versatile it is. Boasting 15 programmable and ergonomic inputs, the XP Air can be deeply customized for any game you can throw at it. It’s not just a tiny twelve-digit numb pad crammed under your thumb like most MMO mice either.

Instead, here the buttons are placed around the mouse in a way that you can quickly and naturally feel for them while playing. There’s one mouse button in particular that rests under your thumb at the base of the mouse that can be set up as a Rock Hat Easy Shift trigger that can give all your other buttons a second function.

Giving the XP Air 29 total programmable functions to handle all this customization is the Rocket Swarm companion app that lets you reprogram every function, decide your settings, and choose from a wide variety of RGB illumination options or turn them all off completely.

Roccat Kone XP Air Review: These settings are then stored on the mouse itself and carry over. Even if you switch computers, the XP Air comes in both white and black like the XP, and honestly, I like the white just a little bit more, as it feels brighter and resists dirt a lot better than I thought it would.

The actual build quality of the XP Air is also just as amazing as the rest of the cone line. Roccat Titan optical switches have a super satisfying feel and a 100 million click life cycle, and they work really well for drag clicking.


What was most surprising to me, though, about the cone XP Air was that I had expected it to be heavier than the Cone XP because it’s a wireless mouse and requires a battery under the shell.

However, when I unboxed it, I was happy to feel that it weighed almost the same and after putting it on the scale, I saw that it was actually about five or 6 grams lighter than its wired counterpart. Grokat claims that the XP Air battery life lasts up to 100 hours and after some testing, I’d say that’s about accurate as I was able to go almost an entire week on a single charge while using it.


You can even link the RGB styles to the current battery life to keep an eye on your charge just by glancing at the actual mouse itself. Accompanying the Cone XP Air are the RGB charging dock, wireless dongle, and USB C cable.

The charging dock looks great and provides a neat place to put your mouse when it’s not in use and can charge the mouse super quickly in just ten minutes providing 5 hours of usability. Also, if your mouse runs completely out of charge, you can just plug it in with the included Phantom FlexUSB C cable to charge while you use it. 

Roccat Kone XP Air Review: I love this cable, by the way. It’s the same one they use in the wired XP and it’s so soft and flexible that it feels more like a shoelace than a mouse cable. All these amazing features aside though, there is one glaring downside to the ConeXP Air and that’s its price. 

At nearly double the price of a wired Cone XP, the XP Air can be yours for just $170 on the Roccat website. And this is the reason why I really can’t recommend it to just anybody. The wired Cone XP is the exact same shape and building materials, it comes with all the same Roccat Swarm features and still has the same button functionality and 19,000 DPI resolution while actually having more RGB customization options than the Cone XP Air.


However, the XP Air’s flawless wireless capabilities definitely do make it the superior choice due to the freedom of movement and clean appearance. It’s just up to you to decide how much that’s worth to you. You could pick up the Roccat Cone XP Air when it comes out on August 22 or preorder it now on the Rocket website to get it when it releases. 

There is no doubt that it is the best mouse I have ever used, period. And if you’re somebody who has to have the best, or you’re looking for an over-the-top gift for a gamer friend of yours, then this is exactly what you’re looking for and I highly recommend you pick it up as quickly as you can.

However, if you think this mouse looks amazing but you never splurge for it, then definitely look into the wired Cone XP because they’re nearly identical.

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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Roccat Kone XP Air Review and what we all know so far.Roccat Kone XP Air Review | It's worth buying?