Magic Legends Review | It’s worth to play ?


Welcome to a Magic Legends Beta this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of Magic Legends and what we all know so far.

Magic Legends Review :

Welcome to a Magic Legends Beta this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of Magic Legends and what we all know so far.

Magic legends is a free to play top down hack and slash rpg kind of like diablo 3, but it’s online and it’s free right now.

Magic Legends Review
Magic Legends Review

That means that it does have a lot of heavy macro transaction elements involved with it. However, it’s, trying to do something unique in that, instead of having just straight up abilities, you have about like 10 random cards that will appear in your deck.

In a different order, depending on where you place it, so you get a pick what your abilities are and then they’ll pop up in your slot during combat, and you can use them to summon like some really cool looking animated skeleton.

Magic Legends Review : What i liked about the game is that they’re, trying to be unique and stay in the immersive magic. The gathering universe, there’s, characters that are highly recognized. They have multiple spell classes that have completely different setups.

Each card is kind of like its own spell, and you have a mana meter at the bottom that has a color, depending on the class that you picked. You fill this meter up when you attack other enemies, one of the coolest things about this is that you end up in situations where you have to determine whether you’re, going to use the really powerful card, but run out of mana or maybe Use two or three smaller cards and build up your mana to sustain a little better.

As you continue the fight, some of the animations for the artwork, like i said, are actually super cool. I really enjoyed the necromancer summoning the demon that kind of popped out of a pit, and you saw lots of fire and then it did like a lot of damage and it used up a lot of your mana.

Magic Legends Review : For me, i played through a good chunk of the game and i never died, except for one instance when the game was disconnecting and i kept pausing and i couldn’t control where i was going and something killed me one of the things that’s a little more frustrating is that you can’t actually make the game harder until later in the game after you get through the super baby mode, easy part.

The reason i wanted to make it harder in the first place was because it was too easy one of the things that i think that they’re kind of conflicting with a little bit is that they’re trying to cover five Different colors kind of like the magic, the gathering universe in the real card game, the colors on the cards are always beautiful and matching and made by professional artists.

But this game, kinda just of becomes a dull blur side effect of the whole process. It doesn’t, really look good. The abilities look good, but, as you summon abilities, you kind of fill the map up with debris and you can’t even really see what’s going on anymore, like it kind of looks cool, but at the same time it starts to get frustrating, especially when you have three players and one’s in water, mage and he’s.

Summoning like huge oceans and the other one is a necromancer, and there’s, a thousand enemies that you can’t click on because they’re, actually helping you. It gets kind of confusing one of the issues that i’m facing.

Is that, as i am today, i was not able to claim the free card pack that they had promised me. I wasn’t able to claim the free card pack, and i also wasn’t able to claim the free outfit one of the bigger issues that i faced.

While i was playing this game is, i was constantly kind of getting stuck on objects. The path making and direction mapping systems don’t really work super well. I actually got fully stuck one time to the point where i had it teleport back to a different location and one of the bigger issues as well is that whatever they did to design this game, it is incredibly taxing on your pc.

I have a custom built pc that we built from scratch with different parts in it. I know it’s, a hot, lower high end pc. This game runs very clunky on this pc. If it runs badly on this pc, it’ll run badly on a lot of pc, I can run you know multiple assassin, creed title types of games on this pc on max quality, but i can’t run this game on The third quality, without it skipping on top of that it frequently disconnects from the online player base and then, when it disconnects you’re, not able to log back in at least i wasn’t able to.

I had to close out of the whole game and relaunch the entire program and go through usually an entire mission again, which sometimes took even longer because the people were talking. My final minor complaint is that there’s, a lot of unskippable dialogue that takes a really long time to get through in diablo 3, you kind of can just hit x or whatever button and mash through the dialogue and get to like wherever you’re going, but in this game they’ll.

Stick you in front of a artificial wall, and then you’ll, be stuck there. Listening to the narrator do an okay job at kind of telling a story that’s, not really well written! That’s where it’s at right.

Now it is an online multiplayer game, so it kind of makes sense that they didn’t go all in with some of these elements, but it is a little bit frustrating because some of the combat is okay. I mean i had some fun with the game for sure, but there is some definite issues that make it almost in an unplayable state as it is in the current moment conclusion.

What rating do i give the game considering it’s, free and in open beta? Well, honestly, i had some fun with it, and maybe if this is really your genre, you might look at it, but i would probably wait a little longer or maybe just get a hold of the free stuff that they’re.

Giving you, if you’re interested in doing this long term with the game and kind of keep that commitment, and you think that they have a lot of potential, then maybe go in and get everything that’s free.

But otherwise. I would say: wait until the game fully comes out or maybe wait a few months for the beta to become a little cleaner. I haven’t played a game this buggy in a long time. It almost reminds me of you know some of the fallout 76 release date stuff, except without the funny glitches.

Magic Legends Review : This game just has glitches where you get stuck on the map and you’re, stuck waiting behind things and it’s. Just really not that difficult, the game is heavy in the micro transactions as well. So long-term commitment, you’re, going to have to expect a you know, like league of legends kind of thing, probably shell out a lot of money in order to be effectively the top player in this game.

A lot of the different card packs are going to come through this game and that’s partially. Why they probably chose to do cards with your abilities is because, by having your abilities connected to a card, you can effectively push people into your online microtransaction market by showing them that they can instantly get a hold of the abilities.

They need to kind of continue and be relevant with the game and have fun. Ultimately, i think there are some things that are redeeming about this game, but in my current state of the game, i just really don’t think it’s in a good shape.

I think it has a long way to go before it’ll, be ready for real player base, fandom and, unfortunately, right now. Let’s give comment in below comment section.

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Welcome to a Magic Legends Beta this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of Magic Legends and what we all know so far.Magic Legends Review | It's worth to play ?